Obsessed? Maybe.
Passionate? Without a Doubt!

We are Minicucci + Associates a creative design agency since 1979.
We build better experiences, encourage better engagement, and we take the time, energy, and attention to invest in the nuances. 

Ideas are Everything.
Results are Everything.

We believe in smart ideas that generate results. Bringing together creative, design and strategy, we create experiences that transform brands and grow businesses.

Our Approach

A great idea starts by asking the right questions.
We have all the right ones.

We strive to deliver great creativity, generate results and build a great long-term relationship along the way. We dig deep into your business objectives, ask smart questions and get to know you. Together we’ll produce something that’ll turn heads and make us all proud.

You can trust 40+ years of expertise to deliver insightful work based on what you really need. And like any good friend, we’ll give you honest advice and feedback if you need to change or modify the way you do something so it becomes that much better.

What We Do

Our work has to look and feel good. Starting with a rock solid strategy, we begin the process of developing clever, striking and intuitive experiences that guide and engage your customer at every stage.
From branding and design to the customer journey to your business, everything in our creative process is executed with insight, purpose and a passion of the craft.

Our creative and design services include specialization in the following disciplines:
Creative + Design
Logo Design + Branding Development
*New Home/Condo and Real Estate Marketing Experts*
Advertising + Printing
Website + Digital Design
Signage + Displays
Video + Audio Production
Creative + Marketing Consulting Services

As much as we love to create customer experiences that stand out and capture your audience, everything we do needs to get the results you want. That great idea starts with a solid and insightful creative strategy based on the entire picture through honest feedback and getting to understand your audience, market and objectives. We don’t jump into a single design concept until you’re happy with the strategic foundation first.

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Creating the most recognizable brands and marketing for companies since 1979.

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Selected Work

Here’s a selection of some of the projects we’ve lovingly crafted over the last few years. If you’d like to see more, just shout. 

Do you like what you see and what we are about? Let’s talk about how you can make the most of our creative and marketing expertise.

I’m a great listener - let’s chat!

Joseph Minicucci

Creative. Artist. Designer. Marketer. Strategist.

39 Pelham Town Square, Suite 519, Fonthill, Ontario, CANADA L0S 1E0 | Tel +1 905 401 2998  Email: info@minicucci.ca
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